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Apply to be a Community Action Project

An important part of the Leadership Greater Jackson experience is the Community Action Project (CAP) that each class takes on—– where small teams of class members complete a project that benefits the community and has long-lasting impact.

During its history, Leadership Greater Jackson has overseen the successful completion of over 150 Community Action Projects. Leadership Greater Jackson, Inc. is inviting proposals from community organizations for ideas on projects that could help your organization enhance its current mission. Submitted proposals will be considered as a possible CAP project for the 2018 class of Leadership Greater Jackson.

The LGJ Projects Committee will evaluate the proposed projects to determine which are best suited and will have the greatest impact on the community overall.  If your project is selected, you will be notified no later than September 7, 2018.  Proposals most likely to be selected are those which challenge the participants and provide an opportunity for team creativity.

You will be teaching community leaders about the work you do in the community, as well as recruiting potential supporters. Design your project with this in mind.


Leadership Greater Jackson, Inc. P.O. Box 824 Jackson, MS 39205

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