Host a Community Action Project

Applications for Community Action Projects are accepted year-round, but they are due no later than August 31st for the upcoming September class.

Leadership Greater Jackson (LGJ) is one of the premier programs offered in the Jackson metro area. Our goal is to develop leadership skills in local men and women and to allow each an opportunity to get involved in real community issues. An important part of the Leadership Greater Jackson experience is the Community Action Project (CAT) that each class takes on—– where small teams of class members complete a project that benefits the community and has a long-lasting impact.

During its history, Leadership Greater Jackson has overseen the successful completion of over 150 CAT projects. Leadership Greater Jackson, Inc. is inviting proposals from community organizations for ideas on projects that could help your organization enhance its current mission. Submitted proposals will be considered as a possible CAT project for the 2018-2019 class of Leadership Greater Jackson.

The LGJ Projects Committee will evaluate the proposed projects to determine which are best suited and will have the greatest impact on the community overall. If your project is selected, you will be notified no later than September 7, 2018. Proposals most likely to be selected are those which challenge the participants and provide an opportunity for team creativity.

You will be teaching community leaders about the work you do in the community, as well as recruiting potential supporters. Design your project with this in mind.

Process Timeline & Dates

  • August 31 – Deadline for proposal
  • September 7 – Project proposals are chosen by the Leadership Projects Committee. All applicants are notified.
  • September 14 – Class members are given their assigned projects. Project team and board liaison meet with community partner to implement proposal.
  • October 10 – Oral report and written action plans submitted to LGJ board by each team.
  • January 18 –  Oral progress report given to LGJ board by each team.
  • May 10 – Final report presented to LGJ board.

Project Proposal Criteria

  • Must be a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization to apply.
  • Projects may NOT be primarily fundraising in nature. LGJ cannot become a fundraising entity for an organization.
  • Projects must be designed to be implemented and/or completed in the nine-month program timeframe
  • Projects should be action-oriented, have value for the community and the team and not amount to “busy work.”
  • Projects may not be partisan or religious in nature.
  • Projects may be from any field (i.e. education, human services, economic development, arts and culture, etc.).

Provide a summary that details the purpose and scope of your project. Please submit a proposal utilizing the following guidelines:

Name of Project

Provide a title that summarizes the purpose of the project and the organization.


Provide a brief description of the organization and its purpose.


Include an outline of what the community project is and how it will impact the organization and the community. How will the team define success of the project? What would be a measurable outcome? What are you asking the project team to do? How do you see their role?

Needs Assessment

Describe why the project is needed and how it will have a positive and long-term impact in the community?


Please detail anything the agency and/or the liaison will make available to the project. Explain in detail the resources necessary in order to complete the project including funds, in-kind resources, man power, etc. Please note that you must detail how any excess funds raised in connection with your project are to be designated. Otherwise, those funds will be donated to future LGJ/YLJ projects.


How will the organization sustain the program/project?

Skills Needed

Please specify any talents and expertise that would be useful in order for team members to complete the project.

Additional Information

Please briefly describe any additional information that might be helpful to better explain the project.

Define Your Project Clearly …

The LGJ Projects Committee evaluates if the project will require participants to use a variety of leadership skills. They are also expecting the organization to be a committed and supportive partner, so please ensure that the key contact staff has the time and knowledge to help the team achieve a successful outcome. You as the sponsoring organization should have some idea of how the project can be accomplished, even though the team may come up with their own implementation plan. Be clear whether you are expecting the team to solve a problem, provide an action plan or implement a solution. Allow creativity by the teams; you may give parameters, but structure the project in such a way that the team members will be able to use creative/innovative ideas and solutions.

Projects must be appropriate for implementation within the timeframe allotted for the LGJ class. The LGJ Projects Committee will evaluate proposals submitted and select several projects. You will be contacted by the team directly for clarity on your proposed project’s goals or relevant information. The Leadership Greater Jackson Class of 2018-2019 will present the culmination of the project(s) during their final program session.

Think big, think creative! The projects we present to the class are only as good as the proposals we receive!