Youth Leadership 2023 PROGRAM YEAR CALENDAR

January 27, 2023
Join students from across metro Jackson to hear more about Youth Leadership Jackson, service projects, and the program year.

Cultural Diversity in America:
Friday, February 3, 2023
This class gives participants an opportunity to identify, understand, and come to terms with the value of diversity in America as well as the problems of institutional racism. Participants will examine their own attitudes toward racial issues and learn to communicate more effectively. Personal and group appraisals of racial identity and prejudice will be analyzed. Students will participate in and explore group dynamics, public speaking, team building, decision-making, and leadership.

The Justice System:
Law and Politics – Friday, March 3, 2023
This session is an in-depth review of the justice system, particularly as it pertains to youth. It looks at how laws are made, carried out, and affect the system, and how city, county and state governments operate. Students will explore current issues and look at the impact of special interest groups.

The Pathway to Success – Friday, March 24, 2023
Discussions, site visits, and lectures will explore education, public, private, and charter schools and their role. “Brain Drain” and how to combat this cycle through workforce development and business partnerships.

Quality of Life:
Business and Economic Development – Friday, April 21, 2023
This day is designed to give students a first-hand look at the artistic and cultural diversity of the metropolitan area and to examine the role of business and economic development. What characteristics make our area attractive? How does this relate to quality of life and economic development? This program will explore the tangible and intangible aspects of the quality of life in the Jackson area.

Friday, May 12, 2023
This celebration honors members of the 2023 Youth Leadership Jackson class for their successful completion of all program requirements