Leadership Greater Jackson (LGJ)

Learn to Lead

Leadership Greater Jackson is a nine-month leadership development program designed to educate participants about major community issues and alternate approaches to solutions to community problems.  Each month, the Leadership Greater Jackson class meets to explore different aspects of leadership and various challenges facing the community.

Leadership Greater Jackson strives to help grow and enhance leadership qualities through an extensive curriculum, community service projects and interaction with the community’s foremost leadership.  A class of approximately 40 participants are selected by a committee of program alumni, who work to ensure that the individuals chosen reflect the diversity of the community-at-large.

Selection Process

Class members are selected based on their leadership abilities, career accomplishments, volunteer activities, contributions to the community, and commitment to help shape a better community. Because the program is limited in size, many qualified individuals must be deferred. Those not accepted in a given year may be considered again for the subsequent year if they wish.

Leadership Greater Jackson does not discriminate because of age, sex, sexual orientation, race, religion, or national origin. The process of selection begins each spring with an appeal to the public for nominees. Self-nominations are encouraged. All nominees are sent application forms. These applications are given to a Selection Committee, which closely examines them and performs the difficult task of selecting a representative cross-section of leaders as members of the upcoming class.

Membership Requirements

  • 90% attendance at monthly meetings: September 2020-May 2021
    • Class Orientation – Thursday, August 27th
    • Fall Retreat – Friday/Saturday, September 4th-5th – Mandatory
    • History & Economic Development – Wednesday, October 15th
    • Cultural Differences – How to Make it Work – Monday/Tuesday, November 4th-5th – Mandatory
    • Criminal & Civil Justice System & the Law – Wednesday, December 9th
    • Mid-Year Retreat – Friday/Saturday, January 15th-16th
    • Education – Wednesday, February 10th
    • Human Needs, Health, & Services – Wednesday, March 17th
    • Quality of Life – Wednesday, April 7th
    • Closing Retreat – Friday/(Saturday), May 7th and/or 8th
    • Graduation – Thursday, May 13th
  • Mandatory attendance at Orientation
  • Mandatory attendance at Opening Retreat
  • Mandatory attendance at Cultural Differences: How to Make It Work
  • Tuition Cost: $2,000

Applications for LGJ are accepted year-round, but they are due no later than July 24, 2020 for the upcoming September class.


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